LowFruits Case Study Site, Month 9: Website URL and Keyword Reveal!

It's time for Dim to reveal his website URL! Are you ready for it?

Welcome to Month 9 of the LowFruits case study!

(Before we get to this month’s update, if you’d like to learn more about my story, I did an interview for Niche Surfer last month. Ironically, so did Paul from LowFruits—and we found out just a few days before the interviews got published!)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Nine months passed by quickly.

It seems like yesterday that I started Barbehow and committed to publishing 6 articles every month based on keyword research in LowFruits.

Wait — wait a second… did you catch that?

Nope, that wasn’t an accident. 

In the first month’s case study, I promised I’d unveil the website at the nine-month mark, so here it goes:

? In November, I launched a BBQ blog called Barbehow. ?

I know you’re curious, so go check it out; I’ll be here when you return to the tab 😉

All done? Awesome! Because 106 posts and $4,787.76 worth of content later, I’ve got exciting news to share: 

The Website Is Finally Monetized!

The website now gets more than 10,000 page views per month, so I felt I was in a good position to monetize. 

I submitted it to Ezoic (I am an Ezoic Certified Expert and Premium publisher) at the beginning of June. They accepted it in mid-June.

? The website has made its first $114.70 from 7,957 page views with an average ePMV (Earnings per Thousand Visitors) of $15.65. It’s not bad since Ezoic’s AI optimization hasn’t kicked in yet. 

I expect the highest ePMVs in November and December, especially around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. (People love to buy and gift grills and accessories.)

The team and I also started publishing affiliate posts in June (e.g., The Best X for Y). A few have already made it to page 1!

So, remember my assumptions for December, and I’ll keep you posted on affiliate earnings starting next month.

My Keyword Research Approach This Far

It’s one thing to read about my keyword research and strategy, and another to see it.

So instead of talking about how I find my keywords, I’m just going to show you the keywords on which I’ve already published content.

No matter the niche, these should give you seed keyword ideas you can use in LowFruits (AKA my favorite keyword research tool).

​​My Keywords

Search QueryCountrySearch VolumeFeaturesWeak Spots(Green, Blue)
how long can grilled fish sit outUSA< 10Featured snippet3,3
how long can grilled chicken be left outUSA< 10Featured snippet3,2
how long can grilled steak sit outUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
how long can grilled vegetables stay outUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
how long can grilled burgers sit outUSA< 10Featured snippet2,2
how long can grilled hot dogs be left outUSA< 10Featured snippet1,3
grilling vs frying baconUSA< 10Featured snippet2,4
how to prevent steak from burning on grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,4
can you grill with eucalyptus woodUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
can you grill with fig woodUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos0,7
can you grill with wet charcoalUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos4,3
how often to flip bbq ribsUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,2
what australian wood is good for smoking meatAustralia< 10Featured snippet,Images,Videos6,3
can you use a skillet on a gas grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos2,0
can you put a metal pan on the grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos7,0
should you wash your hands after handling raw meatUSA< 10Featured snippet1,3
can you grill without a lidUSA< 10Featured snippet1,1
should you grill frozen chickenUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos6,1
butchers twine on grillUSA< 10None1,3
green wood for smoking meatUSA< 10None1,3
sassafras for smoking meatUSA< 10None1,5
why did my grilled chicken turn grayUSA< 10Featured snippet0,4
should you grill chicken skin side downUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,1
steak turns gray when cookedUSA< 10Featured snippet,Images0,4
can you grill when it’s windyUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,2
how to tell if brats are done on grillUSA< 10Featured snippet4,2
should you grill burgers frozen or thawedUSA< 10Featured snippet4,0
can you grill when it’s rainingUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,0
how often to clean a gas bbqUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,2
what wood should not be smokedUSA< 10Featured snippet2,2
cherry wood for smoking meatUSA70Videos0,1
can you grill with pine woodUSA< 10Featured snippet2,2
guava wood for smoking meatUSA< 10Videos3,3
japanese maple for smoking meatUSA< 10Images0,6
can you grill with pine conesUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos2,2
can you grill when it’s cold outsideUSA< 10Featured snippet3,0
why won’t my gas grill lightUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos0,1
how to tell if a burger is done on the grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos4,2
how to grill without lighter fluid tasteUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos4,1
is chimney starter worth itUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,0
how to grill without burningUSA20Featured snippet,Videos4,0
should you grill on a rusty grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos6,0
does ammonia clean grill gratesUSA< 10None1,5
which way should the grill grates faceUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos2,2
can you grill on covered porchUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
electric starter vs chimney starterUSA< 10Videos1,2
drying wood for smoking meatUSA< 10Videos3,1
why does my chicken always burn on grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,2
can you grill without aluminum foilUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,1
how often to clean bbq grease trayUSA< 10Featured snippet1,2
how to grill without smokeUSA10Shopping carousel,Videos5,1
should you remove bark from smoking woodUSA< 10Featured snippet,Images,Videos2,4
brisket temperature won’t riseUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
does wrapping a brisket ruin the barkUSA< 10Featured snippet3,4
why is my brisket bark wetUSA< 10Featured snippet2,5
do you eat the bark on brisketUSA< 10Featured snippet,Images2,4
no bark on brisketUSA70Featured snippet2,2
is it ok to smoke meat with moldy woodUSA< 10Featured snippet2,5
how to prevent burgers from falling apart on the grillUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos5,3
is grilling on a balcony safeUSA< 10Featured snippet4,0
how to tell if regulator on gas grill is badUSA< 10Featured snippet,Images,Videos3,0
can you grill with wood instead of charcoalUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos0,3
are electric grills worth buyingUSA< 10Featured snippet5,1
should you grill hamburgers with the lid open or closedUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,2
can you use alcohol to start a grillUSA< 10Featured snippet2,4
how to stop sausages spitting in the grillUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
how to grill burgers without flare-upsUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,1
how long does smoked brisket lastUSA10Featured snippet2,1
should you grill meat at room temperatureUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos2,1
should you grill on a deckUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos5,1
should you grill dry aged steaksUSA< 10Featured snippet,Images,Videos5,0
butcher’s twine substituteUSA880None1,1
brisket smells sourUSA< 10Featured snippet0,6
what to do with charcoal after grillingUSA590Featured snippet,Videos1,1
can you grill with black coalsUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos0,2
can you leave a charcoal grill unattendedUSA< 10Featured snippet1,1
can you leave a gas grill unattendedUSA< 10Featured snippet1,2
how to keep brisket moist while smokingUSA< 10Featured snippet1,2
how to keep a brisket warm after slicingUSA< 10Featured snippet2,3
how to tell grilled chicken is doneUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos2,1
how to tell if grilled steak is doneUSA40Featured snippet,Videos6,2
how to grill with charcoal for the first timeUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,0
how to grill with gas for the first timeUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos3,0
how to smoke meat for the first timeUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos1,0
how to arrange meat in a smokerUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos0,2
grill height above charcoalUSA50Featured snippet0,4
can you cook on a fire started with gasolineUSA< 10Featured snippet3,5
brisket smells like sulfurUSA< 10Featured snippet3,6
navel end brisket vs point end brisketUSA< 10Featured snippet,Videos4,2
undercooked vs overcooked brisketUSA< 10Featured snippet2,5
can you grill on biloxi beachUSA< 10Local map2,2
can you grill on daytona beachUSA70Local map2,2
can you grill on navarre beachUSA< 10Local map2,2
can you grill on oak island b​​eachUSA< 10Local map3,1
can you grill on isle of palmsUSA< 10Local map4,0
can you use any grill as a built inUSA< 10Featured snippet1,2
can you grill in the garageUSA90Featured snippet2,2
how to get grill grease off of wood deckUSA30Featured snippet, Videos0,2
can any grill use natural gasUSA< 10Featured snippet1,2
should sausages be pricked before grillingUSA< 10Featured snippet3,2
is it better to cover your grill or leave it uncoveredUSA< 10Featured snippet3,2
best fire extinguisher for grillUSA< 10Featured snippet0,2
best grill glovesUSA1000Featured snippetNo weak spots
best chimney starter for charcoalUSA10Featured snippet0,2
is 275 too high for brisketUSA< 10Featured snippet3,3
when to remove brisket from smokerUSA110Featured snippet1,2

Keyword Traffic and Content

I don’t mind the low-volume keywords.

34 of my 104 articles rank #1 to # 3 in Google SERPs, yet the site gets 11,000 views per month. 

Is my keyword research approach helpful? Let me know in the comments!

The ranked pages get from 100-250 to 500-750 organic clicks from Google per month. 

Traffic from Bing and DuckDuckGo, especially for a BBQ website, is negligible (12-100 clicks per day).

The pages that haven’t ranked yet are either: 

  1. New articles less than 6-9 months old, or 
  2. Articles that need attention (they may have missed the search intent)

My website content plans and keyword research are plain and simple. The majority of my website content is informational posts:

  • “Can you [X]”
  • “Should you [X]”
  • “How to [X]”
  • “When to [X]”

I’ve published well-research content by authors who grill and smoke meat as a hobby. It’s doing well with readers and search engine crawlers alike.

Initially, I prioritized as many posts with blue fruit keywords as possible. 

Blue fruits represent user-generated content, so they’re easier to outrank, even for a new site with a low Moz DA / Ahrefs DR score:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Forums

Now the site is gaining authority, I go after green-fruit keywords with higher competition because they have a higher search volume.

When your website is new, target keywords with many blue low fruit icons.

An Important Disclaimer

I know 99.9% of you guys and gals who follow this case study are better than that, but just to put it out there for the 0.1%: I use Copysentry to proactively identify copyright infringement, and my team is quick to file DMCA claims and Google content removal requests for legal reasons.

So draw inspiration, but DO NOT copy. 🙂

My Theme and Plugins

If you’re technically curious, my website is powered by WordPress. 

It uses a modified version of WordPress’ default Twenty Twenty-One theme with the Twentig plugin.

Under the bonnet, I’ve installed:

I love Yoast SEO because I can disable date-based archives and add no-index tags to my category, tag, and author pages.

(You also get extra control over the site’s titles and meta description tags.)

LowFruits Tip of the Month: Extract Competitor Keyword Ideas

(Note: You must be a LowFruits subscriber to be able to extract keywords from your competitors and use the “Perfomers” filter.)

Did you know that you can use LowFruits to get keyword ideas from your competitors?

It’s one of my favorite LowFruits features!

When you’re running low on… err, fruits, log into LowFruits:

  • Open a keyword report
  • Go to the “Competition tab”
  • Find websites that rank next to you in the SERPs 

Filter by “Performers.”

You’ll get websites with a Moz DA below 20 and high traffic. 


  • Add the relevant websites to a list
  • Go to the “Extract” tool in the left-hand sidebar
  • Run an extraction

When you’re done, you’ll get so many new keyword ideas that you’ll have a new problem: you won’t know which keywords to write content for first!

Metrics Over Time

P.S. Thanks for reminding me that I had forgotten to include the Google Search Console stats for the Month!

The site got 6.68k clicks and 291k impressions in June 2022. Up from 3.15k clicks and 162 impressions in May 2022.


Time PeriodJune 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022
Monthly Pageviews11,000
Avg. Engagement Time0.48 s
Engaged Sessions / User0.52
Pageviews / Published Post (PPP)105.7

Source: Google Analytics



Date CheckedJune 10, 2022
Avg. Position (Google, USA, Mobile)7.15
Avg. Position (Google, USA, Desktop)6.56
Positions in Top 3 on SERPs34 (+5 Month-over-Month)
Positions in 4-10 on SERPs19 (-6 Change Month-over-Month)
Positions in 11-100 on SERPs8 (-4 Month-over-Month)

Source: Ubersuggest

Heads-up: I’m running out of keywords in my Ubersuggest Lifetime subscription. So starting next month, I’ll be switching keyword tracking over to SERProbot, where I’ve been tracking my other sites for a while now.


Time PeriodJune 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022
Total Revenue Since Start of Site$114.70
Total Revenue YTD (2021)$114.70
Monthly Revenue$114.70
Of which $114.70 from display adsOf which $0 from affiliate commissions
Monthly Revenue / Published Post (MRPP)$1.1

Who I Am


My name’s Dim.

Thanks for reading (or skimming) this far.

I started my first site in 2007 after I stumbled upon a blog about making money online. I’ve been buying, growing, and selling sites ever since.

These days, I own an indie media company and run an email newsletter for online publishers called “Publetise.”

Don’t be a stranger: Subscribe to my newsletter at Publetise.com and get my best strategies and tactics delivered to your inbox once a week.

How useful was this post?

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How useful was this post?

Click on a star to rate it!


Aman Dwivedi July 14, 2022

Great case study.
So, if you have to reach 100k pageviews/month how would you do it at this stage?
The average pageview is 100/article published, at that pace, it will require a thousand articles.

Would love to know how you strategize to achieve that.

Good Luck!


Thanks, Aman!

Good question. Here’s my take:

The website is 9 months old. My rule of thumb is that, depending on a number of factors that I can and cannot control, it takes 6-9 to 9-12 months for an article to age and achieve its full ranking potential.

So only the October 2021 batch of articles have aged enough to have achieved their full ranking potential (and traffic). The average pageviews per published post—and the overall traffic—should go up over time. (My guess is 250-500 to 500-750 PVPP, but only time will tell if my hunch is right.)

So this site probably has the potential to get to 25,000, maybe 50,000 page views once all the content on it has aged.

To move the needle further:

1/ I can update old posts based on Google Search Console data. That can give me a 15% to 30% traffic lift, and it won’t take longer than 1-3 months to observe.

2/ As the site ages, attracts backlinks, and gains topical authority, I can publish longer posts on more competitive searches that also have higher search volumes.

My experience is that all of this, plus patience, plus ending up on the right side of Google’s algo updates over time, can take a site like this to 100k and beyond.



How’s the search console data look like? How many impressions and clicks for June as per GSC? I think you have missed to upload that data in this month’s update. Nevertheless, the site is picking up the traction nicely.


Hey, Aran!

Good callout, I did miss the Google Search Console stats this month!

The site got 6.68k clicks and 291k impressions in June 2022. Up from 3.15k clicks and 162 impressions in May 2022.

Agree with you that this is good traction, and I’m happy with the pace of growth. Especially considering that a lot of the content that’s already published hasn’t aged yet!



How do you make an outline for a post?


Hi, Aleksej,

For this website, the authors get briefed with 2-3 sentences about the audience and the search intent.

For example, “Your article’s reader wants to know when to pull their brisket off the smoker. Explain why brisket takes so long to cook, what temperature it should be cooked to, and if it should be pulled before or after the stall.”

To come up with these, I read through the top results in the SERPs and do article-level keyword research in LowFruits (basically, specific searches that yield 6-12 results).

Above all, I try to use my knowledge of the subject and apply common sense; it helps to differentiate the content from competitors that just copy outlines from one another.

That’s pretty much it.



Last month when you said you are going to reveal the site URL next month (July) then I’m starting waiting with a lot of hope.

Even every day I check the case study page and finally last night I see it even before receiving your email that you push every month to your visitors.

However, you said to your another case study where you pay 7 cents per word which is really so expensive I think. ($70 for 1000 words)

Even I noticed John from fatstacksblog.com/ and Morten from passiveincomegeek.com/ who pay $30 to $40 maximum for their writers.

Your budget is really so big and I hope this site will bring something good.

I love the tool you use called lowfruits.com personally I used it multiple times and I know the person who created the tool his name is Paul. We are in the same group (passiveincomegeek) and sometimes I talk with him. (He gave a long trial)

Even I have visited your own site called AskDim.com and I think you have a higher experience in the blogging industry. I hope you can do more something as an experienced person.

Some questions I have;

# How do you usually find good new writers and how do you create outlines for new content?
# How do you make an image unique or just use regular stock photos?
# Do you think nowadays putting too much affiliate links is so risky?
# How do you understand a content is really good quality? Maybe it is unique in some copy scape tools but not in Google eyes.
# I saw you use affiliatetable.io, I know it creates a lot of codes, do they create any problems?
# Will you publish 300 or 500 articles and will you sell it when it reaches to a good position or hold it?

To be honest, is there any way to contact you? Have a nice day. Stay Safe!


Hi, Rahul,

Thanks for following along!

Fell in love with LowFruits from the moment I tried it. I’m glad that, with this case study, I’m able to show everyone just how powerful of a tool it is when used properly.

How I find writers:

To find writers, I use WriterAccess (they have freelancers at all rates), Passion Posts (5-6¢/word), and BuySellText (4¢/word) for most of my websites.

For this website, I work mostly with freelancers from WriterAccess at a rate of 5-7¢/word. To reduce costs, I have outsourced the simpler articles, like those in the “Local” category, to Passion Posts and BuySellText.

I know many colleagues find great writers at Upwork, too, but there’s an opportunity cost for doing so (i.e., you can spend that time and money on something else that already works for you), and I am unwilling to put in the time it takes to get to them, whether for a member of my team or me.

I like to listen to and learn from others, but not compare myself to them. John makes $100k/month from his portfolio, for example, so he is in a league of its own. Morten, as well, with a site at 1M page views/month 🙂

Unique images:

I use premium, non-modified stock photos from Depositphotos and 123RF for featured images. I do have custom-made illustrations (created in Canva or drawn on a tablet by an illustrator) inside some of the posts, too.

Informational vs. commercial posts:

As with any good question, the answer is, it depends. Most of the experts I follow recommend a 60/40 ratio of informational/commercial content, and I agree. (My websites probably have a 70/30 or 80/20 ratio, as a matter of fact.)

Understanding good quality:

By now you know that many of my methods rely on common sense and simple rules. So the long answer short is, by reading it 🙂

If the facts in an article are wrong, there’s too much fluff, and/or it’s boring to read (poor structure, lack of logical connection between sentences and paragraphs, no character put into the writing), an article is of poor quality for readers.

It’s also by tracking it (I use Ubersuggest and SERProbot).

You hinted correctly that an article may retain readers but, for one reason or another, not appeal to search engines.

When you work with the same authors and/or agencies, it’s easy to see whose articles rank high and whose don’t. Then, it’s a matter of reverse-engineering what they’re doing wrong and asking them to do things differently.


I haven’t had any problems and my commercial content ranks high across websites, so don’t worry about it.


You asked, “Will you publish 300 or 500 articles and will you sell it when it reaches to a good position or hold it?”

Maybe 😛

I think an excellent way to end a case study like this is to sell the site. I also think that a good time to sell a site is when it’s returned its original investment and it’s valued between $25k and $50k.

Contacting me:

I do 1:1 coaching with select peers (it is an investment of time and money). If you’re up for it, hit me up at AskDim.com!



Hi Dim,

I’ve been watching your updates each month with interest.
Very interesting to see the keywords you have gone after, and then be able to correlate those with the articles on your site.

I’ve used LowFruits a bit for research, and also trying out other methods, essentially targeting low volumes (although as my site ages I’m having a crack at a few higher search volume topics also).

The May update took my site down about 20% despite adding around 10 articles a month for the last 6 months, but seems to be slowly crawling out of the slump now.

I was tracking keywords for a while also, but not sure if it was of any great benefit to me, so stopped. When you track keywords, I presume you are just tracking the main topic keyword for each post? Do you track other keywords targeted in your articles, and do you use the tracking info to improve your rankings?

I will keep watching your site’s growth with interest for a s long as you make these reports!



Thanks for your reply, and sorry to hear your site got hit.

It’s been an eventful year in terms of Google updates and I’ve had to recover two sites of my own, one that lost 20% and another that got 100% hit.

Good question.

I track just the main keyword. It helps me understand (a) how individual writers perform in terms of SEO and (b) whether or not an article has managed to make it to the top 1-3 position in the SERPs after at leat 6-9 months.

Google Search Console can also give you a TON of insights about the articles that already rank. Just go to Search Results > open the “Pages” tab > Select a page with traffic > then switch to the “Queries” tab.

These are the terms your article’s already ranking for—for many of them, you can add paragraphs or whole sections to your article to help optimize it even further.

I’m working on a blogging/website course of my own where I will share my methods, so be on the watch out late this year/early next year if you’re curious about them 🙂



HI – These instructions don’t work. Can you clarify? Maybe you changed the UI. I don’t see any place to use an extract tool on the left.

Filter by “Performers.”

You’ll get websites with a Moz DA below 20 and high traffic.


Add the relevant websites to a list
Go to the “Extract” tool in the left-hand sidebar
Run an extraction


Hi Jay,
the extraction and “Performers” filter are accessible to subscribers only.

It’s written at the end of the section: “(Note: You must be a LowFruits subscriber to be able to extract keywords from your competitors.)”.
We’ll push that info further up to make it clearer.


Which tool do you use for plagiarism check


Hey there, Nauman,

Copysentry for automated checks and Copyscape for ad-hoc checks (they’re two tools made by the same company).



Are you using a plugin for the glossary page or only HTML?


Hi, George!

Only HTML. It’s 99% Gutenberg and 1% Custom HTML blocks for the index.



your experiment yielded something that wasn’t too bad. can all this be imitated and tried yourself?


“34 of my 104 articles rank #1 to # 3 in Google SERPs, yet the site gets 11,000 views per month. ”

Man, That is impressive. I have 69 out of 111 ranking in the top 3, but only 665 sessions…And the website is almost a year old..


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