What’s the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin AAWP, Winamaz, Affimax, AmaLinks, AzonPress, and Affiliatable Compared!

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Amazon’s affiliate program offers something for every affiliate website. However, you need a way for your recommendations to stand out.

A great Amazon affiliate plugin that shows your offer as the best helps convert more incoming traffic.

So today, I’ll break down the pros & cons of the top 6 Amazon affiliate plugins for WordPress. You may have heard of AAWP already, but you’ll discover a few new ones! ?

AAWP, Winamaz, Affimax, AmaLinks, AzonPress & Affiliatable: Compared

PlatformsStandout featurePricing
AAWPAmazon AffiliatesAdditional commissions for new Amazon Prime membersStarting from €49/yr
WinamazAmazon Affiliates + other platformsWork with multiple affiliate platforms across the US and EuropeFree plan; paid plans start from €29/yr
AffimaxAmazon Affiliates + other platformsFocused on FranceStarting from €49/yr
AmaLinksAmazon AffiliatesCTA buttons that look exactly like Amazon’sStarting from $67/yr
AzonPressAmazon affiliatesLifetime deal available, affordable support for unlimited websitesSubscriptions start from $39/yr, lifetime deal from $149
AffiliatableAmazon affiliates + other platformsGreat displays, click analytics, Schema optimizationFree version available, paid plans start from $49/yr

1. Meet Our Contenders

Since 2017, I’ve tried different affiliate programs. Amazon’s is one of the best-converting programs out there, but I believe in never putting all your eggs in one basket. 

And since my 10+ content websites were built on top of WordPress, I needed a good plugin.

All three plugins will sync your website with Amazon via the API connection, so you can easily display affiliate offers.

However, some will go the extra mile to provide:

  • Comparison tables
  • Dynamic promotions
  • Support for other affiliate platforms 

2. Why Should You Consider AAWP for Your Affiliate Website?

If you recently launched your Amazon affiliate website, AAWP is a great training-wheels plugin. 

Features: What Does AAWP Offer?

✔️ Product syncing. Keep the product displays up-to-date automatically. Thanks to the API connection, all the information and pricing will be refreshed, so you’re at no risk of violating Amazon’s Terms of Service (the prices have to be up to date).

✔️ Automatically create links. AAWP will auto-generate links with your tracking ID.

✔️ Customizable design. Display product boxes to grab your reader’s attention, comparison tables, automated bestseller lists for specific keywords and product categories, automated new releases, and more!

AAWP WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Websites

✔️ Sidebar features. Use AAWP widgets to feature specific products in your WordPress sidebar.

✔️ No theme dependency. Use AAWP regardless of your WordPress theme!

✔️ Geo-targeting. One of the most annoying things about Amazon links (typically) is the fact that they’re not always geo-localized. Your US visitors could land in the Amazon.fr store, making them bounce. Fortunately, AAWP automatically adjusts your links to the visitor’s location and points them to the right Amazon store variation.

✔️ Insert links and information automatically. Insert the right short-code, and AAWP will automatically insert (and refresh) product information and links within your content.

✔️ Analytics. AAWP will allow you to track events through GA to quickly optimize your conversion rate.

✔️ Partner networks. AAWP supports Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK, United Arab Emirates and the USA.

? Why We Love AAWP

When your products stand out, visitors are more likely to check them out and check out. ?

And with AAWP’s different presentation options, you can easily display comparison tables and help visitors choose the best option for their preferences and budget.

Cons of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Obviously, AAWP isn’t perfect. Firstly, it only works with Amazon – you can’t work with other merchants or platforms.

It doesn’t have the search feature to track down products faster. You’ll need the product ASIN to add it to your website with AAWP.

However, it makes everything else much easier.

AAWP Pricing

AAWP pricing

AAWP starts from €49/year for 1 affiliate website. You’ll get all the core features.

The pricing rises to offer multi-site usage, up to €399 for 25 websites.

If you need AAWP for more than 25 websites, they offer agency licenses (up to 500 sites for €2499/yr).

Too much? Fortunately, there are alternatives!

3. Why Should You Consider the Winamaz Plugin for Your Affiliate Website?

Unlike AAWP, Winamaz is platform-agnostic. 

If you run an expanding website, Winamaz allows you to work with multiple affiliate programs while turning your website into a fantastic price comparison resource.

Features: What Does Winamaz Offer?

✔️ Work with multiple affiliate platforms. Expand your opportunities because Winamaz allows you to work with Amazon, other platforms, and merchants. Everything will be tightly integrated into your website.

✔️ Catchy product presentations. The more options you give your visitors, the higher the chance they’ll convert. Winamaz offers a simple way to create automated product comparisons, pricing tables, and lists for bestselling products and the latest releases.

✔️ Multi-regional and multi-lingual affiliate programs. Winamaz supports the US, France, Spain, and the UK. They’re constantly expanding their affiliate network, so you can work with Amazon, Conforama, Auchan, and many other stores in Europe and the US.

✔️ Automated price updates & out-of-stock notifications. Winamaz will automatically update product pricing. In case a product is no longer available, you’ll receive an email notification.

Winamaz affiliate plugin for WordPress websites

✔️ Amazon coupons & promotions. Insert your Amazon coupons into your Winamaz dashboard, and it’ll automatically apply them to valid products.

✔️ Multiple integration options. Use Winamaz exclusively for Amazon, multiple platforms, or integrate the Winamaz API with your website.

✔️ Affiliate link cloaking. Don’t want the readers to know you run an affiliate website? Winamaz will create the redirects.

✔️ Excellent plugin support for French websites. Winamaz first started out as a plugin for French affiliate websites. Even though it’s now global, it still offers excellent French support.

✔️ Customization. Adjust Winamaz to reflect your website design!

? Why We Love Winamaz

I don’t believe in relying on one affiliate program. Even though Amazon’s affiliate program is the most robust one, you should have a few other options at your disposal, especially if you’re not US-based.

Expand your product catalog with even more products to increase your topic authority!

Unlike AAWP, you don’t have to start by paying for the features you don’t need yet. Winamaz’s pricing plans give you options, depending on the platforms you want to use. 

Finally, like Affimax, Winamaz first started out as a tool for French affiliates and then went international, so it offers fantastic support for French platforms and audiences.

Cons of the Winamaz Affiliate Plugin

Winamaz is still growing, packed full of features already, and you get free updates whenever they launch something new.

Choosing the right plan can also be a bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it (read on!), it’ll be a piece of cake.

Winamaz Pricing

Winamaz offers 3 versions:

  • Lite
  • Full
  • API

How Much Does Winamaz Lite Cost?

Winamaz Lite pricing

Winamaz Lite starts from 29€/yr for 1 website. However, keep in mind that Winamaz Lite only offers support for Amazon affiliate links.

If you want to work with multiple platforms, you’ll need to consider…

How Much Does Winamaz Full Cost?

Winamaz Full pricing

Winamaz Full gives you more opportunities to work with other affiliate platforms, starting from €99/yr for 1 website.

How Much Does Winamaz API Cost?

Winamaz API pricing

If you only want Winamaz to display product and pricing comparisons, you can use their API. It sends requests to different platforms and merchants to display on your website.

Winamaz API comes with a free starter plan (500 API call credits). Paid plans start from €30/month.

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4. Why Should You Consider Affimax for Your Affiliate Website?

If AAWP and Winamaz don’t scratch your particular itch, consider Affimax.

Affimax offers fantastic multi-platform support for French affiliate websites.

Features: What Does Affimax Offer?

✔️ Multi-platform support. Generate commissions through Amazon, Kelkoo, Rakuten, Tradedoubler, Effinity, and more! Affimax works with 100+ merchants and platforms.

✔️ Affiliate plugin for websites in French. Affimax was created in France and offers phenomenal support to French affiliate websites, so you and your visitors will be in good hands.

✔️ Automated product syncing. Choose products with keyword search, ASIN, or EIN. Then, Affimax will keep them automatically updated.

✔️ Enticing product displays. Offer comparison tables for product features and pricing! Promotions? No problem, just add them to your dashboard, and Affimax will auto-apply them.

✔️ Customization. Affimax is 100% customizable and works with different WordPress themes.

Affimax WordPress affiliate plugin

? Why We Love Affimax

As I live in Belgium and operate a few content websites in French, I love that Affimax focuses on the French market. (Winamaz also offers great support for French affiliates as it originally started by focusing on France.)

You get to pick from 50M+ products across different platforms, so even if you use more platforms, you’ll still be able to display your products beautifully.

Cons of the Affimax Affiliate Website Plugin

If you don’t run a website in French, Affimax won’t be useful for you. They currently only offer the plugin in French.

Affimax Pricing

Affimax pricing

Affimax starts from €49/yr for 1 website. Throughout the plans, Amazon and Kelkoo come without limitations.

Support for other platforms rises as your plan increases, up to €599 for up to 30 sites and 20k integrations.

5. Why Should You Consider AmaLinks for Your Affiliate Website?

Replace typical affiliate hyperlinks with link buttons that look and feel like Amazon’s, thanks to AmaLinks Pro

Features: What Does AmaLinks Offer?

✔️ CTA buttons that look identical to Amazon’s. They’re eye-catching and show visitors that you run a credible website, increasing your conversion rate.

✔️ Image and text links. Alternate between different versions to find the right display for your audience.

✔️ Showcase Box. Highlight specific products with ratings, reviews, and links synced thanks to the Amazon API.

✔️ Product comparison tables. Give your audience more options to pick from (and increase your chances of conversion).

AmaLinks plugin for WordPress affiliate websites

✔️ No Amazon API? If you don’t have access to the Amazon API, AmaLinks Pro will ensure your prices and product information are still kept up-to-date. 

? Why We Love AmaLinks

Let’s be honest: the “Buy on Amazon” CTA button that looks exactly like it’s on Amazon gives your audience a sense of additional security. This, in turn, increases your conversion rate.

The ability to display accurate pricing without the Amazon API also comes in handy if you’re quota-limited or haven’t received your access.

Cons of the AmaLinks Affiliate Website Plugin

Unlike other plugins we mentioned in this article, AmaLinks only offers support for Amazon links. If you want to work with other platforms or merchants, you’re going to need additional plugins.

There’s also not a lot of bells & whistles with AmaLinks – what you see is what you get (but the CTAs still look effective).

AmaLinks Pricing

AmaLinks pricing

AmaLinks starts from $67/yr for 1 website. 

The pricing rises to $597/yr if you need it for multiple websites. 

6. Why Should You Consider AzonPress for Your Affiliate Website?

Start generating more revenue through different Amazon product displays with AzonPress!

P.S. Not a fan of paying for annual subscriptions? Read on because AzonPress offers lifetime deals, too. 

Features: What Does AzonPress Offer?

✔️ Diverse product displays. Showcase your Amazon affiliate products in a variety of styles, from image links, widgets and comparison tables to feature boxes and bestseller lists.

✔️ Geo-targeting. Don’t direct your visitors to the wrong store. AzonPress automatically recognizes their location and sends them to the right local Amazon domain.

✔️ Flexible customization. Style your AzonPress affiliate plugin to match your website. 

AzonPress WordPress plugin for affiliate websites

? Why We Love AzonPress

If you’re an Amazon affiliate (or you don’t mind additional plugins for other merchants and platforms), AzonPress is an elegant option.

You get different display options and a straightforward sync.

Plus, it offers support for an unlimited number of websites at a relatively affordable price when compared to others.

Cons of the AzonPress Affiliate Website Plugin

If you want to promote other platforms’ or merchants’ products, you won’t be able to do it with AzonPress. Unfortunately, it’s still Amazon-exclusive.

AzonPress Pricing

With AzonPress, you get two options: annual subscription or a lifetime deal.

AzonPress pricing

The annual subscriptions start from $39/yr for 1 website. If you’d like to use it for an unlimited number of websites, expect to pay $159/yr. 

AzonPress lifetime pricing

If you’re a seasoned affiliate, you might be interested in a lifetime deal. 

AzonPress for 1 website starts from $149 as a single licence and rises to $349 for unlimited domains (which is a bargain).

7. Why Should You Consider Affiliatable for Your Affiliate Website?

Different displays optimized for Schema, analytics, multiple CTAs, and more – Affiliatable is a great WordPress affiliate plugin.

Features: What Does Affiliatable Offer?

✔️ Vibrant product displays. Highlight the best products through comparison tables, top 3 boxes, product boxes, rating and pros & cons boxes. 

✔️ Multiple CTAs. Does Rakuten offer support where Amazon doesn’t? Don’t lose the sale because of the merchant. Affiliatable helps you display different merchant options with the multiple CTAs feature.

✔️ Geo-targeting. Direct your visitors to their local Amazon store.

✔️ Analytics. Understand how different displays and pages perform, then double down on what works!

Affiliateble WordPress plugin for affiliates

✔️ SEO. You don’t have to add Affiliatable as a plugin to your website and every bit counts when it comes to WordPress speed. Affiliatable’s product boxes also support Schema, so Google’s bots know exactly what your page is about. It doesn’t hurt to add that asset to your SEO toolkit. ?

? Why We Love Affiliatable

Affiliatable is a great option if you don’t want to stay confined to Amazon. I also love the fact that it offers analytics. Yes, you can get it from Google Analytics, but it’s easier if it’s all within your WordPress dashboard.

Plus, the Schema optimization is a nice touch.

Cons of the Affiliatable Affiliate Website Plugin

It’d be great to see Affiliatable expand its merchant network and offer support for multi-lingual websites. 

Affiliatable Pricing

Affiliatable pricing

Affiliatable comes with the free version (great if you’re just getting started), while the paid versions start from $49/yr for 1 website.

The Verdict: What’s the Best Affiliate Plugin?

If you only want to work through Amazon Affiliates, AAWP will do the trick!

However, if you want to generate more revenue with other platforms, Winamaz is a great choice.

(Only targeting the French audience? ? Affimax will work well, but even Winamaz and AAWP offer support for French. Pay attention to the design of the highlight boxes, too!)

Still not sure? Scroll up to our comparison table and pick the right plugin to increase your revenue!

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