The 7 Best AnswerThePublic Alternatives For Keyword Research (2023)

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AnswerThePublic is a tool that enables marketers and SEOs to generate hundreds of keyword ideas from a seed keyword.

The tool generates questions and long-tail keywords and it also provides data about the keywords in a graphic.

Whether you are looking for a tool that has more keyword ideas, a tool that has better competitor analysis or a tool that has a better pricing model, you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to explore alternative SEO tools to AnswerThePublic, specifically for keyword research and analysis.

These are low cost SEO tools that can help you do keyword research that also have more advanced features in some SEO areas.

Tool #1: LowFruits

LowFruits is a tool that generates thousands of keyword ideas from your seed keywords and it enables you to do SERP analysis at scale for those keywords.

The tool enables SEOs to find hundreds of questions that they can go after, but also analyze them in order to make sure that they are going after the right keywords.

LowFruits can help your business by showing you which keywords you can go after based on the strength of your domain.

Using this method, you can scale your niche blog’s or established website’s traffic.

1. How does LowFruits work

You begin your search with your seed keyword. You can even remove keywords that you do not want to appear in the research.

After that, you are presented with a large list of keywords. But it can be daunting to be looking at 11168 keywords, which is why you can filter by topics and by search intent.

So far, this is a part of the freemium of LowFruits. Getting hundreds of keyword ideas, fetching their volumes and filtering them by topics is free.

And when you are done conducting keyword research, you can go on to analyze the SERPs of these keywords in order to find out which keywords have low competition.

LowFruits operates on its unique way of analyzing keywords of identifying ”weak spots”.

That means, for these keywords (see above), there is one or multiple websites ranking on first page that have a domain authority of below 20 or are UGC websites (e.g., Reddit).

In less than 10 minutes, an SEO can research high-intent keywords and topic ideas that they are able to rank for.

2. LowFruits Top Features

The tool’s keyword research features include:

  • (Free) Keyword Finder – get hundreds of keyword ideas, fetch their volume and filter by topics, questions or search intent
  • (Free) Wildcard Search – SEOs can find keywords by searching for phrases such as ”best attractions in *” and the tool will generate all possible suggestions
  • Bulk SERP Analysis – analyze the SERPs of your keywords to find which ones you can realistically rank for, plus get bonus insights such as the average wordcount and other competitor information
  • Keyword Clustering – after you are done narrowing it down to 100 or 200 keywords, you can then cluster them into sub-groups of 10-15
  • Keyword Lists – put all of your analyzed keywords into separate lists to keep track of them
  • Competition Overview – analyze what kind of competitor websites are ranking, how much keywords are they ranking for in this niche and other additional information
  • Keyword Extraction – enter your competitors domains and get all of the keywords that they are currently ranking for and in what relative position

LowFruits is best for niche site owners as well as small businesses looking to scale their content operations while being competitive on the SERPs.

3. LowFruits Pricing

LowFruits operates both on a ”pay as you go” credits system and monthly subscriptions. The only difference is that the users on the subscription plans get access to more exclusive features.

When it comes to the credits system, users can purchase from $25 for 2,000 credits up to $250 for 50,000 credits.

Note that 1 credit equals 1 keyword/1 SERP analyzed.

And as for the monthly subscriptions:

Standard: $29.90/mo (or $249/year)

  • 3,000 credits/month
  • Boosted Keyword Finder – up to 5 times more keyword ideas
  • Domain Explorer – explore low authority websites
  • Competitor Keywords Extraction
  • Sitemap Extraction

Premium: $79.90/mo (or $749/year)

  • 10,000 credits/month
  • All of the outlined features in Standard

Important to note that subscribers would also get access to the new SERP Tracking feature that is coming soon.

4. LowFruits vs. AnswerThePublic Side-By-Side

Low FruitsAnswerThePublic
Analyze thousands of keywords for free; analyze their search volumes and filter by search intent and parent topics.Need to be on the paid plan to access search volume data on more than a certain amount of keywords.
Hide unwanted suggestions and filter down what you want to see.You can also hide unwanted suggestions and further niche down.
Bulk SERP analysis, keyword clustering and competitor overview.Search tracking and high resolution image download.
Starts at $29.90/month or $249/year.The individual plan starts at $9/month and the Pro one starts at $79/month.
LowFruits vs. AnswerThePublic Comparison

Tool #2: Keyword Chef

Keyword Chef is a keyword research tool that enables you to find and filter large amounts of keywords that would be appropriate for your website.

The tool offers real-time SERP analysis that allows site owners to find keywords that they can target to rank.

SEOs are using Keyword Chef to find actionable keywords that have low competition in order to get relevant results quickly.

1. How does Keyword Chef work

You start by inputting your seed keyword and the tool starts generating long-tail keywords ideas for you.

The tool automatically removes junk keywords and only shows relevant keywords.

After that, you can filter down on what kinds of keywords you are interested in, such as ”how to” keywords.

2. Keyword Chef Top Features

Keyword Chef’s keyword research features include:

  • Automatic Keyword Filtering – automatic removal of junk keywords
  • Keyword Filters – you can filter by ”how to”; ”alternatives” or any other filters that are relevant to your niche
  • Real-Time Bulk SERP Analysis – the tool finds and highlights websites that are forums or UGC that you can outrank
  • Wildcard Keyword Search – finding niche keyword ideas by searching for phrases like ”best things to do in *
  • Competitor Overview – a quick taste of the competition for your keywords and who is taking up the most space

3. Keyword Chef Pricing

Similar to LowFruits, Keyword Chef operates on a ”pay as you go” credits system and on monthly subscriptions.

When it comes to the credits system, users can purchase from $20 for 1,200 credits up to $250 for 50,000 credits.

And as for the monthly subscriptions:

Starter Plan: $29/mo

  • 5,000 credits
  • Keyword data from People Also Ask questions
  • SERP Analysis and Keyword Preview
  • Domains Report and Domain Age
  • Niche insights that allow you to find and analyze niches

Plus Plan: $69/mo

  • 20,000 credits
  • All of the features in the Starter Plan

Pro Plan: $119/m

  • 50,000 credits
  • All of the features in the Starter Plan

4. Keyword Chef vs. AnswerThePublic Side-By-Side

Keyword ChefAnswerThePublic
Get thousands keywords ideas that are automatically filtered of junk keywords.Get hundreds of question keyword ideas, but without automatic filtering.
Filter by questions, best, ideas, how-to and alternatives.Visualize data and filter by comparisons and prepositions.
Bulk SERP analysis, wildcard keyword search and competitor overview.Search tracking and downloading high resolution images of keyword data.
Starts at $29/month.Starts at $9/month.
Keyword Chef vs. AnswerThePublic Comparison

Tool #3: Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush is an industry leading SEO tool that offers a full SEO solution.

Its features cover almost any aspect of keyword research and competitor analysis, and it caters to large organisations and SEO agencies.

1. How does Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool work

After inputting your seed keyword, you are usually presented with hundreds or thousands of keywords:

After that, you need to filter down by filters, user intent and specific keywords. You can then evaluate the keyword difficulty of the queries and export the keywords to a keyword list.

2. Semrush Keyword Research Top Features

Semrush’s keyword research features include:

  • Keyword Magic Tool – enables to identify thousands of keyword opportunities
  • Keyword Filters – you can filter by questions, search intent, keyword difficulty and competitive density
  • Spy on Competitor Keywords – see what keywords your competitors are bidding on
  • Other Supporting Features: Position Tracking, Keyword Manager & Keyword Clustering

Semrush is best for large entreprises and big SEO agencies looking to gain a 360 overview of the search landscape.

3. Semrush Pricing

Semrush offers three subscription options for its clients:

Pro Plan: $120/month

  • All keyword research features
  • Managing up to 5 projects
  • Tracking up to 500 keywords
  • Other SEO, social and PPC tools

Guru Plan: $230/month

  • All keyword research features
  • Managing up to 15 projects
  • Tracking up to 1500 keywords
  • Historical data, content marketing toolkit and multi-location tracking
  • Other SEO, social and PPC tools

Business Plan: $450/month

  • All keyword research features
  • Managing up to 40 projects
  • Tracking up to 5000 keywords
  • Share of voice, PLA analytics and API access
  • Other SEO, social and PPC tools

4. Semrush vs. AnswerThePublic Side-By-Side

Full SEO solution tool that can analyze hundreds of thousands of keywords.Keyword research tool with emphasis on question keyword research.
Filter by search intent, keyword difficulty and analyze the SERP features.Basic overview of the keyword difficulty and search volume.
Competitor analysis, keyword clustering, spying on competitor keywords.Data visualization and basic filtering.
Pro Plan starts at $120/month.Individual plan starts at $9/month.
Semrush vs. AnswerThePublic Comparison

Tool #4: Also Asked

Also Asked is a keyword research tool that utilizes Google’s ”People Also Asked” in order to find keyword ideas that content editors can target.

The difference is that AnswerThePublic utilizes autocomplete, which means that you will also get different keyword ideas from Also Asked.

1. How does Also Asked work and its functionality

Also Asked is a direct competitor to AnswerThePublic as it operates the same way.

You input your seed keyword and you receive keyword ideas in the form of questions.

The reason why this tool is so useful is because SEOs can see the connections between the keywords and via the visualisation can then go on create effective pillar articles.

The tool also allows you to dive deeper with a deep search and further explore hundreds of more keyword ideas.

2. Also Asked Pricing

The tool has 3 subscription plans:

Basic ($15/month)

  • 100 searches per month
  • Unlimited users
  • PNG image export
  • All regions and all languages
  • 24 hours search history

Lite ($29/month)

  • 300 searches per month
  • All of the Basic Plan’s features
  • CSV data export
  • Deep search
  • 1 month search history

Pro ($59/month)

  • 1,000 searches per month
  • All of Basic Plan’s and Lite Plan’s features
  • Bulk searches
  • API access that is coming soon
  • 1 year search history

3. Also Asked vs. AnswerThePublic Side-By-Side

Also AskedAnswerThePublic
Utilizes Google’s ”People Also Asked” in order to find question keyword ideas.Utilizes Google’s autocomplete in order to find question keyword ideas.
Produces a data visualization with hundreds of keyword ideas.Produces a data visualization with hundreds of question keywords.
The keyword ideas are topically connected with each other.The keywords are without topical connection but can be filtered.
Starts at $15/month for the Basic Plan.Starts at $9/month with Individual Plan.
Also Asked vs. AnswerThePublic Comparison

Tool #5: QuestionDB

QuestionDB is another direct substitute to AnswerThePublic that you wouldn’t need to spend much time to learn.

Their only difference is that QuestionDB sources their data from Reddit and that allows SEOs to better answer the questions that their ideal audience is having.

It’s a very effective way to stay up to date with the needs of your consumers and to keep up with what are the emerging customer pain points.

1. How does QuestionDB work and its functionality

As AnswerThePublic works, the user needs to input their seed keyword and then they would receive hundreds of keyword ideas.

After that, you can analyze their search volumes and keyword difficulties.

Keep in mind that in the free version of QuestionDB, you would only get access to a fraction of the keywords list and you would not get access to keyword volume and difficulty.

2. QuestionDB Pricing

The tool has 2 monthly subscription models:

Solo Plan ($15/month)

  • 100 searches per month
  • Complete results
  • Search volume data and keyword difficulty data

Agency Plan ($50/month)

  • 500 searches per month
  • Complete results
  • Search volume data and keyword difficulty data

QuestionDB as a tool is perfect for brands whose target audience is on Reddit and would like to research what questions they are asking.

3. QuestionDB vs. AnswerThePublic Side-By-Side

Uses data from Reddit to generate hundreds of question keyword ideas.Uses data from Google autocomplete to find hundreds of question keyword ideas.
Ideal for SEOs whose target audience is on Reddit and asks niche questions.Ideal for SEOs whose target audience searches on Google to get answers.
Get keyword volume and keyword difficulty with basic filters.Also get keyword volume and keyword difficulty with basic filters.
Starts at $15/month for the Solo Plan.Starts at $9/month for the Individual Plan.
QuestionDB vs. AnswerThePublic Comparison

AnswerThePublic Free Alternatives: Answer Socrates & Keyword Sheeters

These are that are free to use and act as proper alternatives to AnswerThePublic.

Both these tools are ideal for SEOs with lower or no budget, or simply for marketers looking to get a few ideas to start their blog.

1. Answer Socrates

Answer Socrates enables you to input your seed keyword and then hand over to you questions related to your seed keyword.

Here, we were able to get 120 questions for our seed keyword ”perfume”, and they are honestly quite good.

It’s a tool that you can use for keyword discovery and then input these questions into another tool in order to see their volume and analyze competition.

2. Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter is a free alternative to AnswerThePublic that gives you thousands of keyword ideas for your seed keyword.

It’s possible to get reports on the search volumes and the competition, but these are paid features that you’d have to purchase separately.

Conclusion & Final Takeaways

There are plenty of AnswerThePublic alternatives, but in the end, it all comes down to 2 factors:

  • What kind of keyword research you are looking for
  • What is your budget

There are free-of-charge alternatives to AnswerThePublic, such as Answer Socrates, which are amazing for getting a few ideas but without much data.

Then, there are all-in-one enterprise solutions such as Semrush that have a lot of functionality in keyword research and out of it, but are rather costly.

And finally, there are tools such as LowFruits that offer a more in-depth analysis of each keyword, such as SERP analysis, removing junk keywords and keyword clustering.

The end goal should always be to find the ideal ”value for money” tool that enables you to find keywords that you can go after and grow your website.

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