What’s the Best Affiliate Program Directory in 2022?

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If you want to increase your revenue with affiliate marketing, it’s best to start with the niche and choose a suitable affiliate program.

The problem is: there are thousands of affiliate programs out there. How do you pick the right program for your niche (and target revenue)?

You use an affiliate program directory.

So today, I’m looking at the best 4 affiliate program directories: Affilisting, Affiliate Corner, Affiliate List, and GetLasso. I’ll walk you through the features, pros, and cons to show you why I recommend each. ?

Let’s dive in!

Affilisting, Affiliate Corner, Affiliate List, and GetLasso Compared: What’s the Best Affiliate Program Directory in 2022?

FeaturesStandout featurePricing
Affilisting11k+ affiliate programs. 550+ niches. Curated suggestions. Product type, commission, and cookie duration data.Personalized “For You” affiliate marketing recommendations page.Lifetime access: $99.
Affiliate Corner2k+ affiliate programs. 75 niches. 20+ data points. Market, SEO, audience, and affiliate competition insights.You get a lot of data, including average order values, competitors’ keywords, and more. It’s an all-in-one affiliate marketing tool.Lifetime access: $129.
Lasso10k+ affiliate programs. Key data points.With the Lasso affiliate plugin, you can replace your unmonetized keywords with the right affiliate program links.The directory is free but the plugin starts from $33/mo.
The Ultimate Affiliate ListAn Airtable spreadsheet with 2.7k+ affiliate programs. See language, commission, cookie duration, recurring value, and more data.Great for beginners. Features programs that offer at least 15% revenue share.Lifetime access: $39.90.

1. Meet Our Contenders

No two affiliate program directories are alike. Yes, you’ll get a list of different affiliate programs in each. Still, our four contenders all have unique features, including:

  • Curated lists for your niche
  • More (or fewer) data points
  • Product promotion ideas

And more!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

2. Why Should You Use the Affilisting Affiliate Program Directory?

If you want an all-in-one affiliate search engine with lifetime access, Affilisting is an excellent choice.

Features: What Does Affilisting Offer?

✔️ 11k+ affiliate programs. Affilisting sources its affiliate programs from its research and networks of partners. Ultimately, you get 11k+ potential options across 550+ niches.

✔️ Personalized affiliate program suggestions. Like TikTok, Affilisting has a “For You” page where you’ll discover programs relevant to your niches.

✔️ Filter by product types. Interested in promoting specific products within your niche? Just filter for them in your Affilisting dashboard.

✔️ Filter by commissions. You’ll see commission percentages and structures next to every affiliate program in the directory, but you can also filter by the commission percentages that you want to target.

✔️ Filter by location. If you’re not casting a global net, filter by specific locations. For example, I’d filter by France for my niche websites targeting the French.

✔️ Cookie duration. Do you only have 14 days for a sale to be attributed to you, or do you want a program that focuses on lifetime commissions? You’ll be able to see the data in Affilisting.

✔️ Niche ideas. Broaden your horizons with 10 new niche ideas every week.

Affilisting affiliate programs list

? Why We Love Affilisting

Firstly, Affilisting was developed by an experienced affiliate – Guillaume Souillard. And as any affiliate with experience under their belt knows – it’s not enough to stick by Amazon’s affiliate program and call it a day.

That’s why Affilisting is so expansive and offers all the essential features you need to pick the best program.

The personalized “For You” recommendations page is also convenient if you want to establish topical authority and expand further into your niche rather than branching out and trying to cover dozens of niches simultaneously (a rookie mistake).

Cons of the Affilisting Affiliate Program Directory

There aren’t really any cons to Affilisting, just things that would be nice to see. For example, it’d be great to see how niche trends change over time, but unless you’re a new affiliate marketer, you’ve already researched that.

Affilisting Pricing

Affilisting offers lifetime access for a one-time payment of $99.

Affilisting pricing - one time payment of $99

3. Why Should You Use the Affiliate Corner Directory?

Affiliate Corner expands its affiliate program directory into multiple data points, ultimately providing a complete research solution.

Features: What Does Affiliate Corner Offer?

✔️ Affiliate program directory. Affiliate Corner aggregates over 2000 affiliate programs across 75 niches.

✔️ 20+ data points. Get insights into niches, program specifics, commissions, trends, affiliate program structures (e.g., does the program have a dedicated manager?), average order values, and more.

✔️ Market insights. Know how much you can earn with each program, how the niche is doing, and what you should ideally do to promote the products.

✔️ SEO insights. Affiliate Corner analyzes other affiliates’ strategies to show you which keywords they typically target (and profit from).

✔️ Audience insights. Quickly understand what your target audience searches for and talks about, so you can target those topics with your niche website content.

✔️ Niche promotion strategies. The way you market your affiliate products is up to you, but Affiliate Corner gives you 15+ promotion ideas per niche. 

✔️ Affiliate competitor insights. Affiliate Corner looks at other affiliates’ promotion strategies, keywords, and monetization strategies, which you can then download and analyze.

✔️ Niche Finder. Search through a database of 5000+ niches for inspiration with volume, competition, and trend data.

Affiliate corner affiliate program directory

? Why We Love Affiliate Corner

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you need all the data you can get. And Affiliate Corner knows it, which is why you get detailed program, audience, SEO, and competitor insights.

Similarly to Affilisting, Affiliate Corner was created by an experienced affiliate – Tejas Rane

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Cons of the Affiliate Corner Affiliate Program Directory

If you’re a professional affiliate, you may not need Affiliate Corner. The tool extracts and refreshes keyword and trend data on a 6-month basis, which may be a bit slow for you. 

However, Affiliate Corner works like a charm if you want to dive deeper and get a bird’s overview of your niche.

Affiliate Corner Pricing

You can get lifetime access to the Affiliate Corner affiliate program directory for $129.

Affiliate corner pricing - $129 for lifetime access

4. Why Should You Use the Lasso Affiliate Program Directory?

Lasso is an all-in-one affiliate marketing tool, but its affiliate program directory is fantastic. Since it’s a side-product, it’s also 100% free.

Features: What Does Lasso’s Affiliate Program Directory Offer?

✔️10k+ affiliate programs. Lasso displays over 10k niches in their affiliate program directory. You can use their search engines or find your niche (including specific niches like mountain climbing). You’ll also see the best affiliate networks.

✔️ Key affiliate program data points. See niches, product types, commissions, and cookie duration.

✔️ Affiliate plugin. Lasso’s primary product is affiliate marketing tooling, which includes the WordPress affiliate plugin. It supports every program in the directory and offers product tracking, advanced displays, click tracking, and more. 

✔️ Monetize all your links. Lasso’s main selling point is identifying the keywords in your content that haven’t been turned into affiliate links. Once it spots an opportunity, you can automatically add an affiliate link with the right program. 

The Lasso Affiliate program directory

? Why We Love the Lasso Affiliate Program Directory

I love the entire idea around Lasso’s product, which includes the affiliate program directory. 

Say you have a niche website and promote a few specific affiliate products. Lasso finds the right opportunities in their directory and then helps you replace the keywords with links, so you increase your revenue (without the manual work).

Cons of the Lasso Affiliate Program Directory

There could be more data points in Lasso’s affiliate program directory, but that’s about it. It’s a free affiliate program directory that shows you the key program insights.

Lasso Directory Pricing

The directory is completely free to use. However, the Lasso affiliate marketing plugin starts from $33/mo.

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5. Why Should You Use The Ultimate Affiliate List?

Finally, if you want to search through a database full of information on different affiliate programs, take a look at The Ultimate Affiliate List.

Features: What Does The Ultimate Affiliate List Offer?

✔️ 2700+ affiliate programs. The Ultimate Affiliate List will show you over 2.7k manually verified affiliate programs with at least 15% revenue share. 

✔️ 9 key data points. Get information about the program, including supported languages, signup links, commissions, cookie duration, recurring value, emails, and niche tags.

✔️ Affiliate programs in different locations. If you’re a global (and a local) niche website owner like me, you don’t want to just stick to American affiliate programs. You need to expand, and The Ultimate Affiliate List will show you the most profitable programs in the US, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. 

✔️ Easy filtering. With The Ultimate Affiliate List, what you get is a highly-organized Airtable spreadsheet that you can filter for specific keywords, tags, revenue, or programs. 

The Ultimate Affiliate List affiliate program directory

? Why We Love The Ultimate Affiliate List Affiliate Program Directory

It’s really, really simple to find a good, verified affiliate marketing program through The Ultimate Affiliate List

If you don’t want to waste time with small programs (or you’re a new affiliate marketer), just monetize your content website, you’ll find the right program in Maximilien Labadie’s Airtable.

The Ultimate Affiliate List also looks for the most profitable programs, so commissions start from 15% and rise up to as much as 300%. 

The Ultimate Affiliate List Pricing

The Ultimate Affiliate List offers a lifetime deal. For $39.90, you’ll get access to the updated spreadsheet forever.

6. The Verdict: What’s the Best Affiliate Program Directory?

Ultimately, that depends on you. 

Are you…

Make sure you’re aware of your specific needs. If you run a content website in a language that’s not English, make sure your affiliate program directory shows local programs.

Ultimately, every single one of these tools is fantastic. I use a combination of them for inspiration and data. Then, I supplement them with additional SEO and marketing tools.

Still not sure? Scroll up to our comparison table to find the right affiliate marketing program directory for you! ☝️

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