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Brian Lett
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Brian reached out to us through customer support to show me his GSC graph on a website using exclusively keywords from LowFruits.

I asked him if he would like to participate in a Q&A session, and he agreed.
So, here we are.

In this guest post, you will learn:

  • What unconventional method does Brian use to discover seed keywords?
  • How he evaluates the strength of a niche?
  • Why is he also targeting keywords that have a search volume of less than 10?
  • Which filters does he use, all the time, to find low-competition keywords?
  • His top 6 tips for effective keyword research, when using LowFruits
  • and a lot more!

1. Can you share a little bit about your background and what you do?

While I have a legal background (law school graduate and former lawyer), I am now doing what I enjoy in life as a full-time Internet marketer who builds niche YouTube channels and websites, and monetize both mediums.  

2. Can you provide us with some info on your website, its primary objectives, and the results of your SEO efforts?

While I have multiple websites, I have experienced the highest level of success with a website that I created using LowFruits exclusively for my keyword research strategy.

The primary objective of this website was to provide information to people who are either about to have some type of eye surgery (i.e., Cataract Surgery, PRK, LASIK) or have had one of these types of surgeries in the past. 

I was able to identify the information voids that I could fill with my website by utilizing the tools provided by LowFruits, in addition to tools that I utilize to create content and build backlinks to my website categories.

Below are four (4) graphs (12 months, 3 months, 28 days, and “Most Recent Day” respectively) which show the performance of this website over these time periods.

What is even more exciting, is that my work on this website is 100% complete.  I just have to allow this website to exist while its organic traffic continues to grow and generate more and more passive income for me.

This website’s success would have been impossible without LowFruits.

[12 Month Graph]

[3 Month Graph]

[28 Days Graph]

The website now receives over 1,000 visitors daily and is still growing in traffic.

3. Utilizing LowFruits in Keyword Research

3.1 How have you incorporated LowFruits into your keyword research process?

1. I go to the Keyword Finder in LowFruits and type in my seed keyword.

2. I then analyze about 100-300 keywords and then go to the Reports page to determine the “Opportunity Percentage” where I am looking for 80% and above.

This tells me that at least 80% of the keywords that I just analyzed have low competition, and that I have a strong niche.

3.2 How do you come up with seed keywords or topics to search?

While this is very unorthodox, I became an author on multiple freelance writing websites and made a list on the topics that people were consistently willing to pay writers to create content about.

I then created a spreadsheet with the seed keyword for each topic and rated each keyword as “Good, Fair or Poor” based on a combination of the Cost Per Click and Search Volume associated with each keyword.

I was able to find numerous obscure yet highly profitable niches with very low competition by using this method.

3.3 Do you filter down and target specific keywords? Which filters do you mainly use?

The filters that I rely on most heavily and run concurrently are:

1. Weak Spots —–> At least 1
2. Title —–> No AllInTitle (top 10) 

This allows me to target underserved keywords for which less relevant articles are ranking. 

“No AllInTitle (top 10)” means that the websites which rank for this keyword on the 1st page of Google do not contain this keyword in their titles. Additionally, they are lower authority websites.

Nevertheless, once I have created articles for all keywords under these combined filters, I will turn the “Title Filter” off, and just focus on creating content for weak spots.

3.4 What range of search volumes do you typically target in your keyword selection?

Although it goes against conventional thinking, I do not pay attention to search volume. As long as there is an opportunity to rank, I am targeting a keyword, including < 10 keywords.

The reason why I take this approach is:

1. Search volume is always changing and I am in it for the long-haul. 
2. Reported search volume is notoriously inaccurate. 

3.5 What are you looking for in the weak spots?

I typically need to see at least two (2) green/blue/ (either or both combined) to target a keyword. However, if the search volume is higher or the CPC is high, I might create content if there is only one (1) low fruit, but this is rare. 

3.6 Do you focus on maximizing the use of keywords in a particular topic before moving on to the next?

I will exhaust a topic until there are no more keywords that fit my criteria. However, the main reason why I use the topic filters is because it is easiest for me to create content in one category at a time due to my content creation strategy.

4. Content

4.1 How many articles have you published using LowFruits?

6,928 published articles as of this moment.

1. The website that I registered on December 28, 2022, has 3,560 articles, which were all created using LowFruits.

2. I created a smaller website to promote one of my YouTube channels which has 660 articles, which were all created using LowFruits.

3. Currently I am working on a website that as of this moment has 2,708 published articles, but my plan is to add around 1,300 more articles since that website is in a very good niche.

4.2 How long did it take for those articles to start ranking?

When I registered my domain on December 28, 2022, I started publishing articles that same day. The website received its first search engine impressions on January 12, 2023, and its first three (3) search engine clicks on Friday, January 13, 2023. 

In January 2023, the majority of my traffic was from Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo. It took about a month for those articles to start ranking and my website left Google’s sandbox around March 15, 2023 (2.5 months). 

Now the vast majority of my traffic comes from Google and today I get around 1,000 visitors per day and growing.

4.3 Do you use AI / hire writers / write yourself / other?

I use 100% Ai, but never anything GPT. I avoid GPT because, as of today, it cannot provide details post-2021. 

The Ai that I use to create content researches in real-time and writes content from scratch, ensuring that it is both factual and unique. It is important that you use a tool that creates 100% fact-based content.

Once my content is written by Ai, I post it “as-is” with no changes on my part.

5. Tips and Strategies

5.1 What are your top tips and strategies for effective keyword research using LowFruits?

My top tips are

1. Make sure you start out by identifying a niche which actually has good opportunities using the “Opportunity Percentage” feature in LowFruits. 

2. Focus less on search volume and more on the opportunity to fill a void.

3. Make sure to factor Cost Per Click (CPC) into your analysis because this is how you will be paid.

For example, if a keyword has a CPC of $0.80, you should explore the niche more deeply to see if there are higher CPC keywords in that niche.

If there are not, this is not a good niche.  Keep in mind that there are low competition keywords with a CPC of close to $20.

4. Make sure that your website is organized well by menu category and keep topics within their designated menu categories. 

5. Make sure that your articles are at least 1,200 words long, and are written in short paragraphs with multiple subheadings throughout the article.

6. Start building highly relevant backlinks to your website’s menu within the 1st month.

If your website is about dog training and has a category about German Shepherd dog training, get a backlink to that category from a website that covers the topic of “German Shepherd dog training”. 

I don’t research my competitors when it comes to creating backlinks because I build my own private blog networks (PBN)  which link back to my website.

Therefore, if I were to create a website which covered the topic of “German Shepherd dog training”, I would create a 40 – 60 page website which covers topics exclusively related to “German Shepherd dog training”.

Then I would link all of the internal pages to a 2000-word  “Super Post” which would contain a backlink to the “German Shepherd dog training” category on my money website. 

I doubt that a PBN is necessary to rank when using LowFruits, but I like to “future-proof” to ensure that my rankings stick for years to come.

5.2 What advice would you give to someone just starting out with keyword research using LowFruits or keyword research in general?

Make sure that you use LowFruits to find a void that needs to be filled. You can easily do this by utilizing the “Weak Spots” and “Title” filters in LowFruits together. That is going to be your quickest path to success. 

Final Thoughts

Is there anything else you’d like to share or any final thoughts on keyword research?

LowFruits is a game changer for anyone who is considering building niche websites because it streamlines the process of identifying a profitable niche. 

Keep in mind that when you build and monetize a website, you can turn around and sell it for 35x to 48x the profit if earns per month. This is the going rate for a monetized website on Empire Flippers.

In other words, once your website starts generating $14,000 per month in net profit, you will be able to sell it for between “$490,000 and  $672,000”. 

I highly recommend that you build your websites on WordPress. Doing so will allow you to use the free “Jetpack” plugin, which will allow you to turn on a feature within Jetpack that automatically links your most relevant articles.

Internal linking is an on-page SEO strategy that is critical to the success of your website. 

Where can people follow you?

You can follow my work or ask me questions through my Twitter account.

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Why did he not share the AI he uses?


Hi Fabrizio,
He didn’t want to share all of his secret sauce, which I understand 🙂


Yeah, dropping that and then leaving us hanging. I get it, though.

Most popular AI tools you see promoted on social media are GPT3/4 API wrappers.

There are probably thousands of LLMs at this point, but these are the ones I thought of when he mentioned not using GPT:

– Claude2 (anthropic)
– LLAMA2 (meta/open source)
– Coheretext (cohere)


Are the PBN’s he is creating on fresh domains or expired/dropped/aged?
(Latest terminology – “Satellite sites”)

Brian Lett August 9, 2023

Hey Gary,

The PBNs are fresh domains, with SEO performed on those PBN websites. The reason why I deal with new domains is so that I can control the TTF (Topical Trust Flow) and need not worry about spammy links.

However, so long as you use Majestic to determine the TTF of a domain and ensure that it does not have an adverse history, expired/dropped/aged domains can work.


Hi Brian,
Yes, I’m totally aware of the power of old domains, also the potential pitfalls!
I hadn’t given much thought to using fresh domains though.
Do you build links to these like you would with a regular T2?


Yes, I do build links to these links that point to my money site.


Hi Brian- Thanks for sharing this info !
were you able to monetize these AI sites with Adsense ?


All of my sites are monetized by Adsense after about 6 months. Then I move them to another ad network once they have enough monthly page views.


Thanks Brian ! appreciate it..


Hi Brian, can you share the AI writing tool you use to help some of us who are not having much success


The most important thing is consistency over time. This is a marathon, and you might not see any results for 6 or 8 months. My tool gives me a major competitive advantage, so I keep it confidential.

However, I have read about others who have done the same as I have and have had the same results. I don’t know what tool they are using, but I am sure that it fits the requirements.

Here is an email that I received from a company using this strategy without ever talking to me:

[[[Our company recently used our custom-built AI content generation tool to add 1500 pages of amazing content to our website, and the results were simply staggering.

Before we added the new content, our website was receiving 20k visits a month.

After the content was added, our traffic skyrocketed to 200k visits a month – that’s a 10x increase!]]]

As I said above, the key is to use an AI writing tool that researches in real-time, is factually accurate, and does not use GPT.

As John mentioned above:

– Claude2 (anthropic)
– LLAMA2 (meta/open source)
– Coheretext (cohere)

I haven’t used any of these tools, but they may work if they research in real-time, are factually accurate, and offer unlimited words.


Hi Brian,

Aren’t you worried that Google might end up de-indexing your website pages once it catches up? I ask because you mentioned that your content is 100% AI.

Overall, interesting read and all the very best.


Hi Muru,

I am not the least bit worried because all of my posts are well-written, 1200+ words long, and answer the questions being asked. Google won’t de-index my content simply because it is AI if it gives people the necessary answers.

On average, visitors stay on my websites for over 2.5 minutes, which is a good signal to Google that visitors are finding the answers they seek.


Hi Brian – thanks a lot !

do you offer consults ? I tried connecting with you on twitter but your DMs are’nt open..


Hey Carl,

Unfortunately, I don’t offer consultations since I am entirely swamped. Eventually, I might create a course, but it would be down the line.

But the truth is that you don’t need my help. You already have what you need, though.

Just find a niche with an opportunity percentage of 80% and above and do your research to find a good content writer who doesn’t use GPT, researches in real-time, and provides factual information.

As John mentioned above, find an AI writing tool that uses:

– Claude2 (anthropic)
– LLAMA2 (meta/open source)
– Coheretext (cohere)

Sometimes, you can find lifetime deals on AppSumo, but you must be careful because many of those tools use ChatGPT. The good news is that you can ask the creator questions before purchase, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Thanks Again – hopefully you start consults soon ! 🙂


Hi, thanks for such a great case study. One question, how did you know that your website is out of sandbox?


Hey Brian – did the HCU and core updates hit any of your projects ?


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